Early Years

Early years (Nursery & KG)

Children need to feel safe and have classrooms that combine learning and fun, as a child’s first experiences of school are some of the most important experiences in life and learning.

GDGPS imparts primary focus on exploration, communication of ideas and making connections with real life, making learning relevant and enjoyable. GDGPS focuses on inquiry based and experiential learning by appealing to the senses of the child. In addition to developing language, numeracy, and understanding about the environment and the world around, communication, socialization skills, expression of emotions, literary, aesthetics and nutritional aspects are given significant importance.

At GDGPS, we follow the Learning Centre culture where our classrooms are learner-centric, facilitating the needs of the learners. We have set up various learning corners/areas. Some are highlighted below:
• Whole group area – learners are given instructions about the day’s activities at various centres;
• Small group area – interactions happen between the facilitator and the students on one-on-one basis;
• Exploration centre – enables learners to explore activities pertaining to the concept of the day;
• Maths centre – concepts of numbers are imparted through play-way method;
• Construction centre – learners are provided with materials to give shape to their imagination concerning a particular concept;
• Dramatic play area – facilitates role play of a concept with the provided materials;
• Reading corner – presents a plethora of books based on the concept that the learner can choose to amuse himself/herself with.

The learning centres make it possible for the learners to explore and self-learn the concepts for the day. The teacher’s role here is that of a facilitator who look through the smooth transition of the instructions to the knowledge acquiring process. We believe that these formative years are the strong foundation years to a flourishing and promising future.

GDGPS kids also enjoy circle time, trips and outings, movie time, picnics and playtime together, and become passionate about the things they are learning.