Mission & Vision


In our vision for the school, each and every student should develop and mold their ambitions towards perfection. Each day should be a unique opportunity to conduct our lives with distinction, with no room for mediocrity. Each and every task, interaction with a person or moment we live represents a chance to do it better than anyone else. Our vision is to revamp traditional systems towards an amazing blend of national and ethical values. As a dynamic group, we constantly evolve and maximize our potential. We hope that each day becomes a rich one, never boring and always impactful!


The school motto HIGHER STRONGER BRIGHTER takes its core idea from a quest for excellence, an insatiable thirst for knowledge and a limitless craving for the latest.

It is for us to strategize school activities so that no opportunity to build advantage is missed. In our mission, each academic or extra experience, each small interaction must build into a larger mosaic of understanding. Our constant aim is to raise awareness, broaden horizons, inspire debate and inculcate values that are sterling in quality.